Meet The Sanctuary Reptiles

Every reptile has a story - here are a few of ours
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  1. Maddie the Uromastyx
    Maddie is the lizard that started the rescue. Maddie came to us in 2013. His previous owners were not familiar with the particular care a uromastyx requires. He was in a too small terrarium, on the wrong substrate, without UVB or a basking light. He was fed the wrong diet and was in very poor shape. We worked hard to bring Maddie back around and now he is the handsome gentleman you see in the photo.
  2. Gertrude the blood python
    Gertrude is a 5 1/2 ft, 28 lb blood python of indeterminate age. She was found by her previous owners in a cooler by the side of the road in Florida. They brought her to Maine when they moved. Unfortunately, things did did not go as planned they were no longer able to care for her. She is very docile for a blood python, so she is now part of our educational outreach program.
  3. Cash, the Chinese Water Dragon
    Cash the Water Dragon came with Gertrude as a juvenile. He grew into a handsome boy.
  4. Theona the bearded dragon
    Theona came to us in September of 2017. She was abandoned by her previous owner when she moved and left her with a neighbor. The neighbor knew she was not equipped to care for Theona long term and surrendered her to the Sanctuary. Theona was underweight and dehydrated when she came to us but is now a happy healthy beardie. She is an ambassador with our educational outreach program.
  5. Phoenix the Veiled Chameleon
    Phoenix was surrendered by his owner because they were unable to give him the care he required. We named him Phoenix with the hope he would rise from the ashes - he had severe MBD and was not eating. His x-rays showed multiple fractures in his limbs. He was put on daily calcium glubionate and syringe fed until he started to eat on his own. He was then moved into a permanent 4x2x2 screen enclosure.
  6. Priscilla the Argentine black and white tegu
    Priscilla was surrendered in January 2018. He had severe MBD, had difficulty walking/moving and had stopped eating. His owner recognized that he needed specialized care and surrendered him to HerpHaven. He will always be stunted but has regained the use of his legs and tail. He is a sweet tegu and is an ambassador in our educational outreach program.
  7. Murray the African Hingeback tortoise
    Murray is a 54 year old African Hingeback tortoise. He came to the Sanctuary in December, 2017 as an owner surrender. He’s a feisty little guy who does not realize he’s an elderly tortoise. African hingeback tortoises are restricted in Maine and CITES Appendix II so he requires a possession permit to have. The US banned importation of this species in March, 2000. For that reason, he will be a permanent member of the Sanctuary.
  8. Tulip
    Tulip is a year old bearded dragon who has only been in the Sanctuary a short while. She suffered trauma at a young age due to a fall. As a result, Tulip struggles to walk/move and requires daily syringe feeding to help her get the nutrients she needs. She will remain a Sanctuary reptile due to her special needs.
  9. Farren
    Farren is a long tailed sun skink who was found cold and unresponsive. The people who found him and took him in recognized they were not able to give him the care he needed and called HerpHaven to pick him up. He has been set up in a bioactive terrarium to give him naturalistic enclosure.