Every reptile has a story. Our goal is to give them their happily ever after. 
HerpHaven is dedicated to the welfare of pet reptiles in Maine and the Northeast United States. Our main focus is  rescue and rehabilitation for sick or injured pet reptiles. We offer educational outreach programs, consultation on care and husbandry,  sanctuary for pet reptiles/amphibians/invertebrates whose owners are no longer able to care for them, and adoption for reptiles that have been rehabilitated enough to be placed in capable homes. Some of the rehabilitated reptiles become permanent residents of the Sanctuary or become Educational Outreach Ambassadors.

It started with one lizard, a sick Uromastyx named Maddie. With proper care, Maddie was thriving in a very short time

HerpHaven is first and foremost a rescue  for pet reptiles, whether abandoned, surrendered, or in need of urgent veterinary care. We understand that sometimes things happen, and owners may find themselves no longer able to care for their beloved pet. Perhaps a reptile was purchased without full knowledge as to what is needed for proper care or how long lived a pet reptile might be. We are committed to providing the best possible care for these animals by ensuring they receive everything needed for a long and healthy life.